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Looking back at 2016

My friends, 2016 is (finally) behind us, and though it’s been a roller coaster of tragedy and disaster in the world at large, I can at least say that it’s been a good year for reading, and a great year to Warble. The bookweb is replete with beautiful souls who love genre fiction and one another, and that gives me hope. I’ve met (digitally and in person!) some fantastic people, and it’s all thanks to our mutual love of These… Continue reading


Three creatures of average height, each a different shade of blue, smile with kind faces as they walk me down a brightly lit hallway with grey floors. It is a maze branching off in different directions, and from what I can tell, every branch is identical. Bright, flickering lights wash the grey floor and white walls with a uniform sheen, with the walls marked at even intervals by brown rectangles. I assume each is a portal to another path of… Continue reading


My eyes open with a snap, and I sit up much too quickly, frantically reaching for my phone, fingers fumbling to quiet the melodious clanging of the “harp” alarm on my iPhone. I slide the phone into snooze and fall back against my pillow–also much too quickly–and the world I see spins violently once before I close my eyes and fall asleep for another blessed eight minutes. My eyes open again, slowly this time, and with a smooth arc, everything… Continue reading


About two weeks ago I reached into the mailbox and shuffled through the pile of adverts and trash, extracted several bits of actual mail and entered the house. There was a bill for a roommate, a Netflix DVD for another, a bill and New Yorker issue for me, and an unexpected interloper; a small brown envelope addressed to Mr. Alan Samuel. The envelope was not marked with a return address, and was postmarked as having departed from Seattle. This was… Continue reading

Dear Lumia 900

Per my last entry, I scoped out the scene and after much effort, managed to acquire myself a Nokia Lumia 900. It was difficult to come by, and I ended up using it for about a week. While I enjoyed it immensely, some things didn’t work out and I ended up returning it. What follows is a letter to the Lumia.

I Jumped Out of a Plane

I suppose I’ve always wanted to go skydiving, but never went out of my way to arrange it. It seemed like the kind of thing that would be difficult to forget. Turns out I was right about that; since I’ve gone I’ve been able to talk about little else, though more often than not I find it hard to accurately describe the experience. It’s just too difficult to express the complete experience. I will, however, attempt to do so in… Continue reading

Photos from Birthright!

Friends, I have not forgotten you! I have several warblings planned for the near(ish) future, but I must finish the books I aim to review before reviewing them, foolish as it may seem. I took some 1500 photos while in Israel on Birthright, most of which didn’t make the album I uploaded to flickr today. There are 394 of them online; I hope you enjoy them. Please view the album here.

In the interim…

My apologies for the lapse in communication, but I seem to have hit a technical snag (read: for some reason the WordPress app on my iPad stopped working and my whole entry about birthright might be lost.) I will do what I can to get the entry back, but of I lost it, c’est la vie. I’ll just write a new one. Brief update/summary: Birthright ended up being a fantastic experience. I am incredibly grateful to have been a part… Continue reading

Back to our scheduled programming…

Well here we are; I made good on my promise to take a very long time in getting anything posted.  In the (unlikely) event that you visited during the extended absence, you may have noticed that there is a difference in the motif and title of this blog.  It is now quite minimal, and provides a space for one of my favorite words: warbling. I have some plans for posts, mainly on books I’ve been reading and albums I’ve heard… Continue reading