Thanksgiving / 36 Arguments

Visiting my parents in southern California used to give me a strange paranoia. Returning to LA, for whatever reason, made me feel like I was regressing. (That is, of course, ridiculous.) Since college, however, Santa Monica has been a source of some much-needed emotional recharging and re-invigoration of my inspirado. I count myself among the

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The Pacific Northwest! Or: Winter is Coming…

Those who know me well know of my passion for a certain Max McDaniel, now further augmented by the zest that is Moorea Seal. (The irony, of course, is that Max and Moorea are 2 of the 6-8 of you who might read this.) Max and Moorea live in Seattle, to which I’d never been

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Back to our scheduled programming…

Well here we are; I made good on my promise to take a very long time in getting anything posted.  In the (unlikely) event that you visited during the extended absence, you may have noticed that there is a difference in the motif and title of this blog.  It is now quite minimal, and provides

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Another First

So it begins.   Another foray into the blogosphere, but this time with a variety of motives. I would like to improve my css-fu as well as my php-fu, so I intend to fully build my own WordPress theme from the ground up. This, of course, takes a back seat to my day job, which

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