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The Broken Empire – Mark Lawrence

I had a blank post ready for a review of Prince of Thorns a short while ago, and before I started writing that review of the first book of The Broken Empire, I found myself voraciously gobbbling up King of Thorns, and ultimately couldn’t stay away from Emperor of Thorns long enough to pen any thoughts about the spectacular books that make up Mark Lawrence’s incredible first offering to the fantasy genre. And they are truly wonderful. They had come highly recommended by several friends, who stated time and again that these books were “badass,” “brutal,” “hardcore,” and the highest praise of all: “dude…” By day, Mark Lawrence is a research scientist in the field of artificial intelligence. By night, he writes some of the best fantasy fiction I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Caution, dear reader. There be spoilers ahead. The Broken Empire takes place in a world

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