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Featured Author: Ronald Valle

Let’s get back to some great books you should be checking out in the Inkshares / Geek & Sundry contest. Today, Ron Valle‘s We Clocked the T-Rex. It looks to be like the end-game speculation of Jurassic Park; fascinating, creepy, and not your standard hard sci-fi. About We Clocked the T-Rex: It’s the near-future and the dark forces of secret science and big money are preparing to engineer the world’s First De-Extinction Event. With her life’s work, countless species, and modern civilization on the line, Vee Whelan aims to stop them – but what’s so evil about a scientific miracle? We Clocked the T-Rex is a paranoid speculative adventure that takes the scientific gene editing and cloning techniques at our disposal today and asks, can’t we use these to make right all that we’ve made wrong about the natural world? Q: What part of your novel’s world excites you most? A: For this novel

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