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Inkshares Authors Spotlights, Round Two

A few days ago, I featured five projects from the Inkshares/Nerdist contest, in which I’m currently competing. That book just to the right? That’s my book! You can preorder it, if you’d like. Odds are you already have, so thank you. I’m under no illusions about the odds of my getting some 200+ preorders in the next two weeks, which would put me back in the winners’ circle. I’m glad to have participated, honored to have gotten so much support, and even gladder to have joined a wonderful community of writers in the process. There are some excellent books out there, waiting to be read. There are people out there, waiting to read them. Inkshares provides a place where that magic can take place on a grassroots level. Check out these books, and support the authors if you’re so inclined. John Robin – Blood Dawn A god-king’s empire has crumbled. His dream of

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Inkshares Author Spotlights, Round One

You may have noticed the recent addition to the sidebar on this here website. I’ll give you a second to take a gander. … Done? That’s right, friends! I’m trying to get a novel published on Inkshares! Initially, I was hoping to do so by being one of the top 5 finalists in their Nerdist Collection Contest, but now I’m going for the longer game. If we can get 630 more books sold in 130 days, I’ll be published digitally. If we get 880 more books sold in that time, it’s going to get printed and sold around the country! Exciting stuff. One of the benefits of participating in this contest is that I’ve had the opportunity to “meet” some delightful writers whose books I’m excited to read. Take a look below, and support up-and-coming writers!   A.C. Weston – She Is the End Relai went to sleep thinking she’d wake

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