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The Great Bazaar & Brayan’s Gold – Peter V. Brett

 You may recall my less-than-stellar review of the best-selling first novel in Peter Brett’s Demon Cycle series, The Warded Man. In that review, I complained that there were too many clichés, too many fantasy tropes that felt weak, too little that made the book really stand out as exemplary. There was a significant caveat to those statements, you may also recall. I emphasized that many of the issues I took with the book were most likely caused by the Graphic Audio production, which left me confused more often than not, and generally whitewashed the characters by making nearly everyone a boorish country bumpkin. Ultimately, I found the story beneath the sound effects, accents, and ear-splitting shrieks to be one that I knew I would enjoy if I’d read it myself. I haven’t read The Warded Man on paper yet, but I will, and soon. Why, you ask? A few

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