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Featured Author: Jonathan Dital

Today’s featured author, Jonathan Dital, is another author originally from Israel on Inkshares, something that makes me exceedingly happy to see. His book, And the Wolf Shall Dwell, sounds like an excellent and action-packed spy novel. Go ahead and check it out on Inkshares! About And the Wolf Shall Dwell: John is a regular Joe, a foreigner working in the city of London, like many others. On a cold London morning, in a train station, a man bumps into him and later finds his death. This incident thrusts him into a world of espionage, politics and Jihadi terrorism, and sets him in an adventure which he did not choose. A spy thriller as such, the novel is more than just action, but also a dive into the world of International Politics. Aiding a retired MI6 agent, Adam Grey, John finds himself unraveling a political scheme that ranges out of the scope of his

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