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Featured Author: John Carter

Today’s featured author is John Carter, who can be found on Facebook and at His book, The Army of the Man, makes use of one of the most intriguing parasites around today, Toxoplasma gondii. I can’t wait to read this book.

ArmyCoverAbout The Army of the Man:


The arms race spirals out of control as the world’s super powers push the limits of science to obtain superiority. Science fiction becomes fact with the breakthrough of the Sekhmet Serum. The dawn of the super soldier is on the horizon thanks to a common parasite: Toxoplasma gondii.


Eric Lawson, a fervent protester and opponent of the United States government, is broke. With graduation at hand, he faces an uncertain future. When approached by a representative of “The Man,” he’s offered a chance to fulfill his lifelong dream of changing the world.

After being injected with the Sekhmet Serum, Eric embarks on an epic journey of the body and the mind. He learns that “The Man” is much more than he was led to believe. Things born from the shadows rarely come into the light. Eric will have to question everything he believes and sacrifice more than he can imagine to escape and stop the Army of the Man.

Q: What part of your novel’s world excites you most?

A: I think what excites me the most about my novel is the science behind the parasite Toxoplasma gondii and the possibilities that might exist if we could harness the innovative behaviors of this microscopic organism for our own purposes, good or evil. My novel takes place in only the near future, so for the most part the feel of what it would be like to be alive alongside the main character, Eric Lawson, would be similar to what we are living today. The exception is that medical science has advanced to a point where we have found a way to manipulate human behavior using the unique characteristics of this unique parasite. But is that power being used for the good of humanity? The owners of this technology claim to want to change the world, but what exactly is their end goal? These are the questions Eric will have to resolve as he finds his place in The Army of the Man.

Q: Why did you choose to fund with Inkshares?

A: To be honest, I only recently discovered the existence of Inkshares. I have self-published 7 middle grade sci-fi, adventure novels, as well as published a children’s picture book through a small local publishing company. I had some ideas for an adult sci-fi novel based of Toxoplasma gondii, and had discussed them with a friend. Not long after, my friend came across the announcement for the Hard Science Contest on Inkshares sponsored by Geek and Sundry. She thought my book idea would be a perfect fit, so here I am! I’ve been in that cycle of writing query letters, sending to individual agents, being rejected and starting over again. I have spent plenty of time waiting for essentially one person to love your book and decide to back it. I am intrigued by the idea of allowing readers and fellow authors to come together and decide on funding a book’s publishing, giving the power to the masses instead of one person at an agency.

Q: What are some novels that are similar to yours?

A: I believe my novel will feel more similar to classic superhero comic books and sci-fi rags from the 40s and 50s than any novel I have ever read. Between the twisted true to science technology of the Sekhmet Serum, to its uncontrollable side effects that must be dealt with, to the conspiracy theory that makes it impossible to trust your gut on anyone, this will truly be a one-of-a-kind novel.

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