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Featured Author: Kelsey Rae Barthel

Note: at the time this interview was conducted, Beyond the Code was not yet published. The book is now available on Amazon.

After an unplanned hiatus, we’re back with another featured author! Kelsey Rae Barthel’s book Beyond the Code caught my attention long before we’d been put in touch by a mutual contact. Her book will be published by Quill, Inkshares’s light-publishing imprint. Follow along with Beyond the Code on Twitter and Facebook.

beyond_frontAbout Beyond the Code:

As a Knight, Luna had always believed in the Knights code of honour and the Hand Council that governed them. That believe costs her dearly when Damon Lexus orders the death of Luna’s master to cover up her strong arming other Knights into her service through black mail and murder. In her search for justice for her fallen master she discovers that the Hand Council had been corrupted. That they were allowing masters like Lexus to steal Knights from their masters. Luna must join forces with Ranger, the hunter sent by the Hand Council to kill her, to topple the corrupt order that betrayed them and change their world for the better. They must break away from being mere tools of battle and become the heroes they need to be to do the impossible. This story combines a covert shadow war, fast paced action, deep seeded conspiracies, and remarkable super powers.

Q: What part of your novel’s world excites you most?

A: The super powers and the action. I grew up watching anime and reading X-Men comics, and I love the idea of badass warriors with super powers.

Q: What are some novels (or films, or games, or whatever) that are similar to yours?

A: A lot of Marvel comics come to mind, as well as the show Arrow (for the action.)

Q: What was the most interesting bit of information you uncovered in your research?

A: I would say the most interesting bit of research I did was going to a gun range to see how firing a handgun felt.

Q: How much time is left in your funding campaign?

A: It’s done! I’m really happy that Beyond the Code ended up on the happy site of Quill.

Q: Is this your first novel?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: What else are you working on?

A: I have a lot of ideas in the works, but the only one that’s currently in the writing stage is the sequel to Beyond the Code.

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