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An Apprentice to Elves – Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear

I want to preface this review with a caveat, whereby I am fully aware that reading only the final book in a trilogy can be a risky affair. In truth, I wasn’t even aware that Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear’s An Apprentice to Elves was part of a trilogy until I was about halfway through the prologue. It’s risky for two reasons: 1. You might not get character motivation, intensity of risks and threats, or lore that was better defined in the other books. You might think the characters overreact to things as a result. Undefined terminology might knock you out of the story as you scratch your heard, trying to define a made-up word. 2. In the (likely) event you enjoy the book, you might not enjoy reading the first two, having already spoiled the ending. I place myself more in the second camp than the first, though I did

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