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Draftshares: Science Fiction

Greetings, friend of the Warbler! There’s a fun thing going on in the Inkshares community this week, wherein projects in the “draft” phase are being highlighted. I’m joining in this endeavor, and throughout the week you’ll see a few posts showcasing some of the exciting drafts on the platform. Today’s focus is Science Fiction. Part of the philosophy of Draftshares is to offer feedback on these drafts, so check out these drafts and let the authors know what you think

One: I’d be remiss not to mention my own draft in the science fiction genre. A little boy in Gaza and a little girl in Sderot share a single consciousness. Military experiments, corporate greed, and religious extremism will permeate this novel.

The Seventh Aspect: A compassionate alien scientist must prove humans are worthy of learning the truth about God – or be forced to exterminate us.

The Cora Chronicles: Genesis: Cora, one of the last Sentinels, remains the last line of defense against an unknown enemy laying siege to her planet. Together with a handful of allies, Cora must find a way to protect the one thing this enemy had come to destroy – the humans.

The Long Game: Detective Michael Domenicalli struggles to unravel an apocalyptic web of events that starts with the death of two women.

Rockets: A young girl searches for a long-lost family secret in a world that has lost its capacity for wonder.

Subterranean Social Club: A group of inner city kids stumble into the abandoned underground. The dark unknown awaits them with danger and creatures.

VCL: Virtual Combat League is the worlds first real-world E-Sport and the world’s biggest media sensation. Star athletes are born, and destroyed.

That’s it for the featured SF drafts! Stay tuned for more every day this week.

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