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Draftshares: Humor, Nonfiction, Other

For the next batch of noteworthy drafts, we turn to the humor and nonfiction genres. Take a look, and offer feedback if you can!

So You Might Be a Vampire: (Humor) Nobody told Bob when he became a vampire he’d have to keep his shitty job. He’s average looking, not rich, not pale and blood is a drug, not a food. There are over 101 ways to suck at being a vampire, and Bob is living proof.

Presenting Complaints: (Humor) A disastrously run NHS hospital is threatened with takeover by an amoral private health concern.  Dr Tom Rysarian – shallow, selfish, and monumentally lazy – becomes embroiled in a last-ditch effort to save his place of work from privatization.

Try not to fall off the Long Gray Line: An autobiography by David Howard on “[his]” progression from Plebe to graduate at West Point.”

Holding Their Ground: (Romance) When no one is watching, history repeats itself. This time, almost no one is ready– except perhaps the inhabitants of the Bird that have escaped the wreckage below. Boy meets girl as the world fumbles to regain control over their own bodies.

The Investigations of the Para-Usual: (Humor) Somewhat blundering Professor O’Singh learns too late that the price of knowing everything is the destruction of everything we know

The Underworld Startup: (Humor) Sameer, the son of an Underwold Don, wants to leave the world of crime and launch a startup. Will he succeed in his mission?

Recipes I have Stolen: Tales from the Trenches: (Nonfiction) Inspired by Alex Lester’s life and my career working in some of the best kitchens in Europe and the USA

Liquid Handcuffs: (Nonfiction) A book inspired by Steve Jacobson’s life as a pharmaceutical poster child; being prescribed unnecessary medications as a means of not defining the real issues.

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