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Draftshares: Young Adult Fiction

Draftshares continues with YA novels as today’s focus. Take a look at these drafts and, as always, help out by offering feedback!

Project Human: I, Robot meets Divergent meets Real Steel as a rogue android prototype joins forces with a human girl in a brewing political war. First in a YA speculative fiction/dystopian duology set in the year 2120.

Sparked: What happens when mean girls get superpowers and have to save the world?

The Artist and the Automaton: The fate of an automaton-inhabited utopia for artists ties to an unsuspecting, frustrated young woman and her mouthy assistant. At the same time, their tale is told to a young girl whose future ties to the story itself.

Star Light, Star Bright: A falling mech. A comet. A thief wielding lightning. A team of teens with attitude. A dragon’s fury. A destiny that was never yours to have… Moving’s fun, right?

The Sally Forth Intrigue: Janie’s a ghost, stuck quoting GHOSTBUSTERS, and out to stop her killer. Assuming of course her sister doesn’t kill the vampire whose just trying to help.

Superuser: Sylvia Sager, teenage hacker: She can break binaries, but can she break out of jail?

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