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Draftshares: Mystery, Thriller, and Horror

Today’s a two-fer, friend! We’re continuing our Draftshares coverage with Mystery, Thriller, and Horror drafts that are worth a gander. Take a look!

A Cup for the Dead: (Mystery) The Great War is over and young widow Hattie Moncrieffe hopes Paris will help her forget. But when an Egyptian curse strikes, can Hattie outwit a cunning murderer while persuading the police she’s not guilty?

The Darkest Places: (Horror) The discovery of an ancient artifact buried deep beneath the sands of Cairo brings three individuals together in a race against time to stop an eldritch evil from awakening.

Detective Diaries: (Mystery) Amani Marshall is searching for her father’s killer in a crime-filled city known as Rochester as a rookie detective; however, she ends up training under a veteran detective called Carbine that is following a murder mystery around Twilight District.

Off the Grid: (Thriller) A case of mistaken identity forces an office drone to go on the run from a government assassin.

Isolation: (Thriller) A boy is taken to the isolation ward after his psyche splits. Will he be able to fix himself or will he ultimately drown in his own mind?

Salvation: (Thriller) A man returns to the small Maine town he was raised in to get revenge on the family that destroyed his.

Schizophrenia: (Horror) Psychological thriller/horror – After receiving the news of his brother’s death James must face the demons of the past to maintain his sanity.

Remains: (Horror) An environmental engineer, haunted by the ghost of her husband, must overcome her fear of flying to scatter his ashes.

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