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Draftshares: Fantasy & Historical

Today’s the last day of The Warbler’s Draftshares coverage, after which we’ll be back to our scheduled programming. For now, these great Fantasy and Historical Fiction drafts ought to sate your thirst for book reviews.

Makhaira: (Fantasy) Once a generation, a dragon slayer is sent off to save his people. None have returned. Now it’s Balfour’s turn.

The Edge of the World: (Fantasy) A pirate captain abandons his crew to explore the edge of the world.

Clockwork Charlie: (Dark Fantasy) Charlie just wants to work on cars in peace. Until a stranger arrives with news about her father’s death. He says she has a Gift, and she’s needed in a war that’s been hidden from the world for ages. Charlene has to find the truth-and make a choice.

Electric Messiah – Lore of the Aos Sí: (Historical Fantasy) We were told it was man that was cast out of the garden of Eden. As mankind hurtles into the 20th Century, an ancient secret surfaces that will change the course of history. It is a tale about mankind reclaiming its destiny by learning of its past.

The Damnation of Man – Lore of the Aos Sí: (Historical Fantasy) Before man held dominion over the earth, the creatures of myth and legend flourished in the land of Tír na nÓg.

Silver Eyes: (Fantasy) Raised by adopted parents, Elwyn discovers a surprising event on her sixteenth birthday that changes her whole world. Wanting to find out who she really is, Elwyn leaves home to go on a adventure.

And last, but not least, an entry from yours truly.

Tordecti, 1694 and Other Stories: (Historical Fiction) A book of short stories prompted by Captchas, those odd demands that we prove our humanity around the Internet.

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