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Featured Author: Christina Feindel

Christina Feindel’s The Revenantanother competitor for the glory of a top spot in the Inkshares/Nerdist contest, features the badass heroine we’ve all been dying to read.

About the book:The Revenant 800x1200

With its advanced weaponry, the Revenant was supposed to turn the tide of the war… but went missing instead. Ten years later, the Federation’s hold on the three suns is firmly cemented and corrupt in every way, and any Separatist hopes or dreams seem to have gone the way of Old Earth and its dinosaurs.

Grayson Delamere was still a child when the war ended and she doesn’t much care why it was fought in the first place. In the vac, most lives are short and brutal with or without the Federation’s interference. She’s worked hard to keep her head low, making her living as a mechanic on any ship that’d have her… and covering her tracks well any time that ship happened to be involved in something a little less than legal. If she’s done wrong, it’s no more or less than anyone else on the fringe of the system.

But now, someone has discovered all of her dirty little secrets–and will hold them hostage to ensure Grayson’s help in the most dangerous job of her life: To recover the Revenant and rekindle the fires of rebellion.

About Christina Feindel: 

Christina Feindel grew up in a quiet suburb of Texas, often seeking adventure at the local library with wizards, goblins, knights, and gunslingers. Later, while traversing academia, chronic illness, and civil service, she found herself returning to writing to both escape and explain her life. The Revenant is a joint venture with her husband, Noah Mowry, born of their mutual love for world-building, character development, and a good ol’ romp through space. The best place to get in touch with her is on her Inkshares page.

Q: What inspired you to tell this story?

A: My husband is a wonderful storyteller, but not much of a writer. When he pitched The Revenant to me and I had to think up a heroine through which to experience the story, I immediately thought of all the badass women of recent sci-fi and literature–Furiosa, Starbuck, Lisbeth. My heroines in the past have been more traditional do-gooders and, in the difficult, uncivilized terrain of the final frontier, confronting strange technologies, despotic leaders, failing engines, and supply shortages, I wanted a hardass who knew how to look after herself and wasn’t afraid to step on toes to do it. How Grayson came to be the way she is became one of those threads we pulled as I wrote, only seeing where it led as we unraveled it. She’s not what I envisioned at the start of the project and I love that. My husband may have gotten the ball rolling, but Grayson’s mysteries kept it in motion, and it being a fun project for the two of us to work on together at the end of our busy days didn’t hurt, either! We’re captivated by the world we’ve created and the characters we’ve met, and we can’t wait to see where it all takes us. We hope some of you find that you feel the same way, once you dive in.

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